PAUL LACROIX  ポール・ラクロワ

Creative Technologist / Engineer / Media Artist

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Sep 2023: Immersive installation at the Tokyo headquarters of Bandai Spirits
Apr 2023: Multi-mesh stitching software used in the medical field
Apr 2023: Sensing system for interactive floor projection in Osaka
Mar 2023: Animated picture wall installation in Achi Village
Apr 2023: Generative art installation at Epic Group in Tokyo
Apr 2022: Original cave immersive reality system
Mar 2022: Festival Platform Award/Geo-cosmos category at the 25th Japan Media Arts Festival
Jul 2021: Development of AR contents for smartphone event in Shinjuku
Mar 2021: Video wall system for at the Chanel's building 19M in Paris
Jan 2021: Projection mapping on an Audi model at the new Audi shop in Omotesando
Dec 2020: Speaker at the event Motion Plus Design World / Tokyo
Nov 2020: Generative art installation at NGC's headquarters in Toyosu
Oct 2020: Video wall system in Ginza (video: 10x4K & audio:1x7.1ch + 10x1ch)
Sep 2020: Real-time multi-camera stitching system (3x4K)
Apr 2020: Release of the body tracking and projection mapping project "Parted"